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The source of water hyperthermal S. Antonio al Monte in Contursi Terme is known since Roman times; download. (1,323 kb – PDF).

Among the many writings in the field of science that tend to substantiate the efficacy of spa therapy, and in particular the therapeutic properties of Rosapepe Terme, in the following we propose some abstracts of publications.,,


Analisi Chimica dell’acqua termale 2015 Rosapepe download

Effectively in the medium term and adverse events of spa therapy in rheumatology: preliminary clinical-epidemiological study.

Modern Hygiene 116: 21-26, 2001.

The spa therapy, as literature data show, is a useful garrison therapeutic for the treatment of various rheumatic diseases.


:” Long-term effects of the sulphurous spring fangobalneoterapia: epidemiological investigation.”

Med. Clin. and Term. (Excerpt from CITAT Medica) 50-51: 347-361, 2002.

The prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases, given the high incidence, its importance in the health field.

CONSTANTINE M., LAMPA E .: "Effects of sulphurous spring fangobalneoterapia on total cholesterol and blood glucose: clinical and epidemiological investigation."

Modern Hygiene 120: 1-11, 2004

Numerous studies have shown that high blood levels of total cholesterol and diabetes are associated with a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


"Effectiveness of sulfurous mineral water in skin lesions in rat experimental"

Med. Clin. and Term. (Excerpt from CITAT Medica) 52: 419-426, 2003

Literature data show that the therapeutic efficacy of sulphurous depends in part on their physical, chemical and physico-chemical.


“Mud-therapy with sulphur mineral water increases the chondroprotective effects of chondroitin-sulfate in mice”

E.M.M. in press, July 2005

The aim of our research was to analyze the role and efficacy of mud-therapy with mineral sulphur water, an alternative approach for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, alone or in combination with condroitin sulfate (CS), a symptomatic slow acting drug for ostoearthritis (OA). OA is characterized by an increase of the production of nitric oxide (NO) by chondrocytes in extracellular matrix with its consequent elevation in serum and synovial fluid. CS is able to reduce the synthesis of NO by chondrocyte. The study has been performed on 40 C57 Black 6N mice which spontaneously develop an osteoarthritic process. The results confirmed the chondroprotective effect of CS with a statistically significant reduction of NO serum levels (p< 0,05). Mud-therapy alone induced a not statistically significant reduction of serum NO, but it strongly potentiated the decrease of serum NO induced by CS with a high statistical significance if compared to both the control group (p< 0.01) and the CS-treated group (p< 0.05). In conclusions, this study demonstrates that mud-therapy with sulphur mineral water could represent an important phase of the therapeutic strategy of OA

Effectiveness of sulphur spa therapy with politzer in the treatment of rhinogenic deafness.


Several studies have focused on the usefulness of sulphur, radioactive and bromo-iodine mineral waters in the treatment of chronic inflammatory lower and upper respiratory processes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the tolerability, effectiveness and impact on quality of life of sulphur spa therapy with Politzer in subjects with chronic inflammatory processes responsible for the onset or persistence of rhinogenic deafness. The study was performed on 27 subjects (mean age 62 /- 2.2 years, range: 28-88) with chronic catarrhalis otitis, chronic rhino-sinusitis and pharyngeal inflammation. These patients underwent 12 sessions of humid-hot inhalation, with vapour jet 20 cm from the face, at 38 degrees C for 10 min, followed by Politzer with sulphur sodium chloride bicarbonate alkaline mineral water from “Rosapepe” Spa, in Contursi (Salerno, Italy). Middle ear function and possible social recovery (based on Giaccai and Gardenghi guidelines) of the patients were assessed, at the beginning and end of the spa therapy. Results, at the end of this treatment, showed a significant (p < 0.05) increase in audiometric curves corresponding to the normal ventilation of the tympanic box (incidence of 24% before therapy and 33% thereafter) and a decrease in pathological curves. Moreover, a significant (p < 0.05) reduction in the percentage of auditory loss was recorded (N = 41; 19.7% /- 2.5 –> 13.9% /- 1.9) and improved hearing, at the frequencies required for daily activities: 500-1000 and 2000 Hz (31.1 dB /- 1.7 –> 26.8 dB /- 1.5). No adverse effects to the spa therapy were observed during the study. In conclusion, the results of this study are in agreement with data in the literature, demonstrating that associated spa therapy with Politzer and inhalation have a positive impact on the therapeutic strategy of chronic inflammatory processes, responsible for the onset or persistence of rhinogenic deafness, in order to enhance and combine with the already consolidated pharmacological approaches.

Efficacia della terapia termale zolfo con Politzer nel trattamento della sordità rinogena .
Costantino M1 , Lampa E , Nappi G.
informazioni Autore
Diversi studi si sono concentrati sulla utilità di zolfo , acque minerali radioattive e bromo - iodio nel trattamento di processi infiammatori cronici basse e alte vie respiratorie . Lo scopo di questo studio era di valutare la tollerabilità , l'efficacia e l'impatto sulla qualità della vita della terapia termale zolfo con Politzer in soggetti con processi infiammatori cronici responsabili per l'insorgenza o la persistenza della sordità rinogena . Lo studio è stato condotto su 27 soggetti (età media 62 +/- 2,2 anni , range : 28-88 ) con catarrhalis otite cronica , rino- sinusite cronica e infiammazione della faringe . Questi pazienti sono stati sottoposti a 12 sedute di inalazione umido - caldo , con getto di vapore 20 centimetri dalla faccia , a 38 ° C per 10 minuti , seguita da Politzer con sodio cloruro di zolfo bicarbonato di acqua minerale alcalina da " Rosapepe " Spa , a Contursi ( Salerno , Italia ) . Funzione dell'orecchio medio ed eventuale recupero sociale ( basata su Giaccai e linee guida Gardenghi ) dei pazienti sono stati valutati , all'inizio e alla fine della terapia termale . I risultati , al termine di questo trattamento , hanno mostrato una significativa ( p < 0.05 ) aumento curve audiometriche corrispondente alla normale ventilazione della scatola timpanica ( incidenza del 24 % prima della terapia e il 33 % in seguito) e una diminuzione curve patologiche . Inoltre , una significativa ( p < 0.05 ) riduzione della percentuale di perdita uditiva è stata registrata ( N = 41 ; 19,7 % +/- 2,5 - > 13,9 % +/- 1.9) e migliorato l'udito , le frequenze necessarie per le attività quotidiane : 500-1000 e 2000 Hz ( 31.1 dB +/- 1.7 - > 26,8 dB +/- 1.5 ) . Nessun effetto negativo alla terapia termale sono stati osservati durante lo studio . In conclusione , i risultati di questo studio sono in accordo con i dati della letteratura , dimostrando che la terapia termale associata a Politzer e l'inalazione hanno un impatto positivo sulla strategia terapeutica di processi infiammatori cronici , responsabili per l'insorgenza o la persistenza della sordità rinogena , in al fine di migliorare e combinare con gli approcci farmacologici già consolidate .

Effectiveness of sulphurous thermal waters "Rosapepe" in skin lesions tested nel ratto. Download.

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