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Susan Rosapepe and Gerry Gaeta have partnered in Rosapepe Retreats, to share their love of Italy and their vast Italian experiences, with all travelers who join a tour with Rosapepe Retreats. They are excited to be able to offer a tour experience that not only showcases the culture and sites of Italy, but focuses on the Health and Wellness of each person on the tour. There will be daily opportunities for our guests to use the thermal baths and mud treatments to restore and refresh. Traveling with Susan and Gerry, you will be given singular attention, and experience a special personal tour of Italy and the Campania countryside as only a family member can give.

Susan Rosapepe – Founder – Rosapepe Retreats
Susan founded Rosapepe Retreats to give the traveler the opportunity to improve their health and wellness along with enjoying unique Italian cultural activities. “ In my many years of traveling, I have seen people get exhausted during their trips. They need a vacation from their vacation. I want my groups to “feel Italy, feel Great!”. They will come away from the experience with Rosapepe Retreats being in better health and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, physically, mentally and spiritually. “

Having parents in the Foreign Service for the US Dept of State, Susan Rosapepe has been traveling her entire life.

Beginning with a career in the medical industry, Susan travelled 4 to 5 times a week, thereby learning quickly how to negotiate the trials and tribulations of all things travel related – in particular, dealing successfully with the intricacies and frustrations of airlines and hotel situations.

Susan lived as an expat in Rome Italy for 4 years, and Mexico City, Mexico for 4 years and has embraced and immersed herself in every culture she has experienced.

She has traveled Europe, Scandinavia, Latin America, Africa , the Middle East, Australia, Cambodia and Thailand and understands intimately the experience of the tourist, and non-tourist alike.

In May, 2011, after years of negotiating the complex citizenship process, Susan was granted her Italian citizenship.

Susan has spent years accompanying friends and arranging travel for acquaintances to Italy. Her Italian experiences have become full and rich, her Italian contacts many, and her desire to help others see Italy through her eyes has grown.

Susan founded Rosapepe Retreats to fully introduce the traveler to the unique experience of feeling like everyone has family in Italy when they are visiting with Rosapepe Retreats.

Gerry Gaeta
gerry-gaetaGerry Gaeta resides in the New York Metropolitan area. As a graduate of The State University of New York at Stony Brook with a degree in Medical Technology, Gerry has been uniquely dedicated to the medical wellness field throughout her life.

After graduation, Gerry jumped head first into her health care journey taking her from the fast paced, demanding New York City  clinical hospital laboratory world to the  Global Corporate Bio Tech arena, always dedicated to improving other people’s lives. This commitment has taken her throughout Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, Central America, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Of all the wonderful, exciting and enchanting regions traveled she somehow always returns to her “native roots” in Italy, where the  culture, food, people, scenery, and most of all, the balance of life‘s simple pleasures have made a life altering impact on her own personal well being.

Gerry and Susan crossed paths early in their corporate careers, each discovering their mutual love for Italy sharing their separate Italian adventures. Over the years this bond developed into the Rosapepe Retreats  business partnership of today.

With Gerry’s first visit to The Grand Hotel Rosapepe, she immediately saw the benefit. “This is a place where ancient and therapeutic waters have been calming Italians since Roman’s originally made this a holiday getaway. They came to experience the addicting yet enchanting warm spring effects on wellness.”

Susan and Gerry have joined forces to create a week long life changing experience.  They have created a balance of day visits, wonderful local Italian food, caring people, and interesting evening speakers. Rosapepe Retreats will introduce you to a place creating a simple harmony and Italian wellness unlike anywhere else   “This is a very, special place and guaranteed to have you return many times to enjoy the natural waters of centuries gone by.” 

We are excited to be offering travelers with Rosapepe Retreats the special experience of joining the Rosapepe family by staying at our family hotel Grand Hotel Rosapepe, in the Campania region of Italy.  This is your chance to fully immerse in the Italian culture, and be given special attention as if you were a member of “La Famiglia Rosapepe”

The Grand Hotel Rosapepe located near the village of Bagni di Contursi, has been lovingly developed over time by the Rosapepe family who continue to manage the complex today.  Located in the valley of the River Sele near the Village of Bagni di Contoursi, our hotel is nestled deep in the mountains and hills of the Campania Region. Staying at our hotel, you will experience the mineral baths fed by underground hot springs, thermal spa, and white mud treatments.

While hotels in Italy are generally smaller and not as elaborate as their U.S.counterparts, the Grand Hotel Rosapepe’s 75 rooms have been renovated and modernized. It is equipped with many conveniences which have earned it a four-star rating by Italian travel consortiums.

An elegant and spacious lobby has an adjoining lounge with grand piano, large terrace and  bar providing a warm welcome for  guests.

The newly appointed kitchen offers every possibility for a memorable dining experience, presented by talented Italian chefs who prepare dishes from traditional to modern. Gluten free dishes are available.

For dining, there are rooms of various sizes.  There are equipped meeting rooms to accommodate business gatherings along with private and  exclusive dining experiences.

The bedrooms are cozy and refined and furnished with natural materials, soft colors, telephone, minibar, TV, safe, laundry and room bar.  Internet is available.

Amenities include:
– Thermal Spa – hydrotherapy, sauna, massage, aromatherapy etc
– Full Service Hotel and Accommodations
– Restaurant
– Swimming Pools
– Outdoor hot springs pool
– Reception Salon
– Meeting rooms
– Internet point
– Fax service
– Private Parking

 Nestled between the majestic mountains and hot thermal water regions of Campania, Terme Rosapepe provides a retreat destination located along the oasis and natural reserves of the Sele River Basin.   Surrounded by white poplars, oaks, willows, reeds and poppies, the natural springs gush mineral rich waters that flow throughout the pools and spas of Rosapepe Thermal Village.  The complex includes the hotel, thermal spa, swimming pool, restaurant, shopping village and acres of well-tended gardens and lawns with shaded pathways

Location: Bagni di Contursi in Salerno Province

By Car:  From the north or south, take the A3 Autostrada to the “Contursi Terme” (SS91) exit.  Proceed north to Bagni di Contursi  (Contursi Est) and follow the signs to the Hotel.

– Salerno – 55 km
– Sorrento – 108 km
– Positano – 114 km
– Naples – 108 km
– Caserta – 123 km
– Rome – 315 km
– Maratea – 118 km
– Praia A Mare – 123 km

Rosapepe Retreats is ready to plan your escape to Italy!  Send an email to or call us at 513-813-0772.  Alternatively, complete the below form and we will contact you!  Grazie mille!

Today, the Rosapepe Spa is a well-known oasis of relaxation and well-being. The Rosapepe family has kept the connection with their roots alive, maintaining the family atmosphere and attention to detail that had been at the heart of their vision since 1907. This is the story of how one family shared their spa tradition, transforming it into a wealth of well-being that has stood the test of time. And as visitors continue to immerse themselves in the healing waters of the Rosapepe Baths, this family’s history continues to flow through the generations, like the warm water that flows from their hot springs.

The Rosapepe Family invites you to see Italy through the eyes of our Italian family!

Our mission is to provide the traveler with an escape where they will feel refreshed, restored and rejuvenated.

In addition to experiencing the magic of the Italian countryside and culture, travelers with Rosapepe Retreats can take advantage of the beauty and mud treatments, as well as  “take the waters” every day after their excursions.  The health and relaxation benefits of the natural mineral waters have been well documented.

Rosapepe Retreats LLC is a unique tour company dedicated to helping the traveler discover breathtaking sites, centuries of culture and the fragrant flavors of Italy.  At the same time, the traveler will be relaxed and able to partake in the century old traditions of the Romans and their rejuvenating waters.    The traveler with Rosapepe Retreats can be assured that no details have been overlooked. The personal touch remains of paramount importance to our team.

We pride ourselves in offering the combined experiences of a seasoned traveler to Italy with the excitement, joy and wonder of the first time visitor.

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From Susan Rosapepe

“ I feel one of the single most important life changing events for any individual is to travel – to leave their comfort zone and experience the sights, the sounds, the people and the cultures the world has to offer. If I can help one person step out of their comfort zone and into a world of wonder and adventure, I know they will have enriched their life.“

Saint Antonio al Monte Spring

The history of the S. Antonio al Monte spring is compelling and full of historical references that underline its importance.

Roman origins: The discovery of this spring dates back to Roman times, a period in which the treatment of thermal waters was already well known. It is interesting to note that Pliny the Elder, in the 1st century BC, referred to these springs describing their peculiar characteristics. Among these, one of the most notable was the water’s ability to marble the vegetation that fell into it, a phenomenon that has fascinated generations of visitors ever since.

Therapeutic efficacy: During the 18th century, the therapeutic efficacy of the waters of S. Antonio al Monte became the subject of study and interest. This period marked the beginning of wider recognition of the beneficial healing effects of springs.

Contemporary Research: Studies conducted in recent times have confirmed the importance of these thermal waters. In particular, the beneficial effects in the treatment of chronic vasculopathies have been recognised. This reinforces the millenary tradition of using the springs as a precious therapeutic resource.

In summary, the S. Antonio al Monte spring represents a living testimony to the long history of using thermal waters for healing purposes. From Roman times to the present day, its importance has been constantly recognized and underlined by a series of historical references and scientific studies, confirming its value in promoting health and well-being.

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The evolution of the Terme Rosapepe brand

The Terme Rosapepe logo is much more than a simple symbol; it is the very face of the company, a visual representation of its ever-evolving identity. Comparing the logo to a person’s face is a suggestive way to understand its profound meaning.

Like the face of a person, the Terme Rosapepe logo has gone through a journey of transformation over the years, reflecting the stages of maturation and development achieved by the company itself. This logo has been the silent witness of the eras that have passed, adapting and reinventing itself to remain relevant and best represent the identity of Terme Rosapepe.

At the beginning of its journey, the logo was simple and austere, reflecting the humble beginning of Terme Rosapepe. Over time, it has undergone a transformation, adding elements that symbolize the growth and expansion of the company. In its current form, the Terme Rosapepe logo is a symbol of instant recognition, a visual representation of the commitment to well-being and care. Each element of the logo may have been carefully chosen to communicate a specific message that goes beyond words. Finally, the logo is not only what the company wants to show about itself, but also what its customers and guests perceive. It is the link between people’s experiences and the identity of Terme Rosapepe, an emotional bridge that unites past, present and future. The Terme Rosapepe logo is much more than a simple graphic symbol; it is a custodian of the company’s history and vision, a visual expression of its evolution and a means of communicating its commitment to wellness and care.

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“The Terme Rosapepe logo is much more than a simple symbol; it is the very face of the company, a visual representation of its ever-evolving identity. Comparing the logo to a person's face is a suggestive way to understand its profound meaning."

From the remote thermal spring (described in the 1st century BC by Pliny the Elder) naturally flows water rich in minerals in solution and suspension, the effectiveness of which was already highlighted in the second half of the eighteenth century. Recent analyzes have highlighted that it is the water richest in carbon dioxide in all of Europe, a characteristic that makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of chronic vascular disease. The mud used at the spa comes out naturally with the water which, when placed in special tanks, decants. The precipitate thus obtained is used directly in the spa for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. The mud used is different, in appearance and content, from the traditional gray clay muds commonly used in other spas. It is white in colour, of mineral matrix.

Don berardino Restaurant

Passion and Tradition

For Chef Francesco del Sorbo, cooking is much more than a profession; it is a passion, a research and a tradition that runs through his veins. Francesco considers each dish as an act of love and an essence of life, a culinary art that has its roots in his native land. For the Chef, cooking is passion, research and tradition. Born in Pagani, he understands every dish as love and the essence of life. With over twenty years of experience, the Chef formed his culinary poetics first at a Michelin star on the Emerald Coast, later enriching himself with the collaboration with Chef Matteo Sangiovanni and traveling through French cuisines passing through Paris, the Amalfi Coast and the historic Africana Famous restaurant Club to continue in numerous other high-level cuisines on the peninsula. His interpretation of cuisine presents colors and flavors closely connected to the territory which, through his expert hands, become small works of art. Traditional dishes are offered in a modern way with top quality and seasonal products.

Wellbeing as a common thread

What really distinguishes Chef Francesco’s cuisine at the Don Berardino restaurant is the attention to well-being. The use of local and seasonal ingredients, the freshness and lightness of the dishes are a reflection of the profound link between cuisine and health that is important at the Rosapepe Spa.

Today, the Don Berardino Restaurant of the Hotel Terme Rosapepe is a place where food is not simply a meal, but a sensorial experience. The link between tradition and innovation, the passion for the territory and the dedication to the well-being of customers are the key to the restaurant’s success. Chef Francesco del Sorbo continues to inspire with his culinary art, and each dish is a living testimony of his love for cuisine and the Campania region.

Twenty years of experience

With over twenty years of culinary experience, Chef Francesco has been through an extraordinary culinary journey.
He began his journey at a Michelin star in the Costa Smeralda, learning the basics of gastronomic excellence.
Prestigious Collaborations: He enriched his experience by collaborating with Chef Matteo Sangiovanni and working in renowned French kitchens, including a stay in Paris.
His path led him to discover the culinary wonders of the Amalfi Coast, a place of inspiration. Francesco has also lent his culinary skills to the historic local Africana Famous Club.
He continued to perfect his skills in numerous other high-end kitchens throughout Italy.

Culinary Art

His interpretation of cuisine is a culinary art that captures the colors and flavors of the territory.
Renewed Tradition: Traditional dishes are offered in a modern key, always maintaining respect for tradition.
Quality Products: Chef Francesco uses only top quality and seasonal products to create his small culinary works of art.

Don Berardino Today

The Don Berardino Restaurant offers an elegant and welcoming environment, where every detail is designed to make you feel at home. The refined decor and relaxing atmosphere invite you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary dining experience. Chef Francesco del Sorbo is the beating heart of this extraordinary culinary experience. With a culinary career spanning two decades of passion and innovation, Chef Francesco continues the tradition of Campania cuisine with a contemporary vision. The cuisine of the Don Berardino Restaurant is a celebration of local flavors and high quality raw materials. Fresh, seasonal ingredients, often sourced from the surrounding lands, are transformed into dishes that capture the very essence of Campania. Each dish prepared by Chef Francesco is a small work of art, a symphony of flavors and aromas that will take you on a journey through the gastronomic tradition of Campania. From seafood specialties to meat dishes, every bite is an unforgettable culinary experience.

A Wine for Every Occasion

Our wine list offers a curated selection of local and international labels, perfect to accompany your meals and enrich your gastronomic experience.

An experience not to be missed

By booking a weekend at the Rosapepe Spa, you can immerse yourself in an experience of gastronomic well-being. You will taste the dishes created with mastery by Chef Francesco and you will discover how tradition and innovation meet to create a symphony of unforgettable flavours. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a dinner at the Don Berardino Restaurant. An experience that celebrates life, tradition and culinary innovation. Let yourself be delighted by Chef Francesco’s cuisine, while enjoying the relaxation of the Rosapepe Spa.

Situato lungo il bacino fluviale del Sele, a ridosso di oasi e riserve naturali, immerso in una folta vegetazione, laddove sgorgano zampillanti sorgenti naturali termominerali, nel territorio di Contursi Terme, troverete un villaggio turistico termale di rara bellezza.


Via Nazionale 84024 Contursi Terme (SA)
Hotel: +39 0828 995663 | +39 0828 995447
Centro Termale: +39 0828 995019